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use the database filters to stop ads or an app to connect and use them to block like
Ad Block and ublock are a few chrome Extensions use filter like this updated in real time same with antivirus more updates a high power ad blocker

Enabled: AdGuard Base filter, AdGuard Mobile Ads filter, EasyList and 1 more
Enabled: AdGuard Tracking Protection filter, EasyPrivacy, Fanboy's Enhanced Tracking List and 2 more
Social Widgets
Enabled: AdGuard Social Media filter and Fanboy's Social Blocking List
Enabled: AdGuard Annoyances filter, Fanboy's Annoyances, Web Annoyances Ultralist and 5 more
Enabled: Malware Domains Blocklist, Spam404 and NoCoin Filter List
Enabled: AdGuard Safari filter, AdGuard Simplified domain names filter and BarbBlock

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Comments: 1

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