cake for better bufferbloat and latency management

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While I was delighted to see utangle long ago added support for fq_codel (rfc8290) to their QoS system, development on better alternatives has proceeded apace. In particular, we released sch_cake last year to linux 4.19 (and it's been part of the sqm-scripts and openwrt for about 3 years available as a backport)

There's been a few papers on cake published so far ( ) ...

Benefits over pure htb + fq_codel:

* 1 line configuration for outbound, 4 for inbound
* Better framing compensation for dsl, ethernet, and docsis -
* Per Host, Per flow fair queuing - Even through NAT. This means that 10 flows to one device get the same bandwidth total as 1 flow to another.
* sane diffserv handling

Since y'all are local to me (I'm in Los Gatos, Ca), I'd gladly come by and show you how all this new stuff works. I


Dave Taht
Co-Founder, Bufferbloat Project

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Comments: 14

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